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Whether you have a major repair job (replacing a septic tank, distribution box, or damaged delivery line), or you just need to repair/replace minor components (missing septic tank baffles, adding a riser to the septic tank’s access lid so it’s no longer buried underground, enhance your property to get rid of your unsightly system, or to make electrical connections current and up to code, serving northern New Jersey we are lake front specialists!

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PO Box 62, Sparta, NJ 07871  |  info@Septicrs.com

We Install and Repair Both Small & Large Systems
Problem Systems, Our Specialty

We know the importance of personalized service and want you to come to us for all your septic work. You can count on us to treat every situation with genuine care and attention. We’re licensed and insured for your protection and our professional staff are standing by to answer your questions and provide the help you need.

If your septic system has failed or requires damaged components to be replaced, like a septic tank, delivery lines, pump tank, or distribution box, we can do that as well.  SRS will arrive with the proper equipment needed to do the job and insure that as little of your property as possible is disturbed.  If during installation your property has special needs such as tree removal, dirt removal or lawn restoration, we can handle that as well.  We can also disguise your unsightly septic pump and components

Contact us also for retaining walls, general excavating
and hourly billing for large equipment.

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